Monday, June 30, 2008

San Diego Natural History Museum

Last Friday, after giving a talk on ShakeOut to a group called InfraGard at the San Diego Natural History Museum, I had the pleasure to try out the new display on the 2nd floor that allows visitors to make the fault move with their own hands! The offset at Wallace Creek can be manually cranked backwards and forwards to illustrate how the offset formed. Also, the classic collection of Shelton's aerial photos of the San Andreas and other points of geological fascination on the third floor were spectacular.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

San Andreas - photos from airplanes & a helicopter!

Here are some photos of the San Andreas that I've taken from various aircraft (usually commercial planes, and recently a helicopter). Picassa allowed me to locate them on a map. Follow this link and try clicking 'view map' - then you can hit 'play' and it will take you on a slide show trip down the fault. There's also a link that allows you to download an HTML file that you can then view using Google Earth, etc. If there's interest I'll add captions later.