Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lifeline Corridor Crossing the San Andreas fault

This article appeared today and nicely explains the situation at Cajon Pass. A great San Andreas event with surface faulting through this and other lifeline corridor crossing points will potentially sever the links between the urban metropolitan area and the rest of the nation. Through the ShakeOut study, we see that the economic and social impacts of this are enormous. It is therefore crucial to plan for efficient repairs to these lifelines in the event of a real earthquake. ShakeOut is an opportunity for people to engage in such planning, and we have been working with the lifeline utilities operators to accomplish this and to encourage retrofitting and creative engineering solutions to make lifelines more resistant to earthquake damage.

In the photo, a scarp along the San Andreas lies in shadow beneath my arm.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fun with the Qfaults on-line database

Here is the main link to the Qfaults web site - start here:

Now, try going to this link, then typing in San Andreas as the fault name.

It should return more links, and for each of the 10 section you can then click to bring up various levels of detailed information about each fault section.

This is a very nice compilation of references by Bill Bryant and colleagues from the California Geological Survey, and a convenient way to look up published information.